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Need a favor, Scott lookup

I'm looking at purchasing the Burundi stamps I've been looking for, for the past year. I've found them, but they're not cheap. It will cost me at least 40 Euros just to purchase, that doesn't include shipping. Ouch!

I don't have the Scott manuals and I would have to drive into Calgary to access them.
Number(s): scott- # 633-638,c 289-294 This is what's listed on the site where they are, I'm not sure what the 'c289-294' means. There are 12 stamps in total to this set, issued in 1986. Flowers of course. It also says the value is $80 US.
If you look on Postbeeld's site though, they are offering to buy the set at 10 Euros.

So if anyone can look up the value for me, would be most appreciated.


  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    The "c" prefix for Scott cat numbers means it is an airmail issue.

    The set of 12 stamps in MNH of the flowers have a 2004 Scott catalog value of $8.40 USD. I cannot imagine the $80 value being correct unless someone is trying to rip-off a non-collector off.

    edited to add: remember Scott values are just values; not realistic selling/buying prices. Unless you are set on paying full value for the stamps, I would hold out for a dealer that will sell at a realistic price, normally 10%-30% of catalog for foreign material from private sellers or 30%-70% of catalog from dealers.
  • Thank you Doug,
    Why the heck are they commanding such a high value? I've been hunting for this set for about a year now, and they are all coming up this price. When I do find them on ebay, very scarce, they are valued the same. These ones are on Delcampe, there are two different sellers and both are asking about the same price.

    I don't want them for resale, I want them for my collection, I guess I have to figure out how badly I want them???
  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    In regard to the high prices, my opinion is that it is because this type of material is for topical collectors. Many of these types can sell at or near cat because those collectors will pay that price. If you can find a dealer that does not deal a lot with topicals, you may be able to get them cheaper. Next time I am at a shop that I frequent, I will look for the Burundi issues.
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