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USA stamps needed - will trade USA or W/W

Hi all,

Traffic has been slow here for awhile, so thought I post some of my USA wants to give everyone something to look at.
Here's a short list of some of the USA stamps I need to complete different sets/year groups/series, etc...
Willing to trade USA dupes (a have a arge selection from old to new, mint, unused, used, dupes list by scott # can be e-mailed)
I also have some W/W used that I can trade (not scot # listed, but I can send a list of the different countries I have.
I don't collect W/W (except W/W early, pre 1950 Airmail stamps) so have these W/W available for trade.
So if anyone has some or all of these available for trade, let's try to work something out!

My USA stamps want list - in MNH (Mint Never Hinged) or 2nd choice - MLH (Mint lightly hinged)
C132 1993 40c Piper Re-Issue (Hair touches top)
E18 1927-1951 17c perf 11 x 10 ½ (1944)
1338A Coil Pair (line pair prefered) 1969 6c Flag Coil perf 10 vertically
1401 Coil Pair (line pair prefered)
1402 Coil Pair (line pair prefered) 1971 8c Prominent Americans – Eisenhower Coil
1488 1973 8c Copernicus
1504 1973 8c Angus Cattle
1518 Coil Pair (line pair prefered)
1519 Coil Pair (line pair prefered)
1520 Coil Pair (line pair prefered)
1622 1975-81 13c Flag Over Independence Hall perf 11 x 10 ¾ (1975)
1622C 1975-81 13c Flag Over Independence Hall perf 11 x 11 ¼ (1981)
1623 1975-81 13c Flag Over Capitol (1977)
1625 Coil Pair (line pair prefered)
2934 1996 32c Great American – Cal Farley
2935 1998 32c Great American – Henry Luce
2936 1998 32c Great American – Lila & DeWitt Wallace
2941 1999 55c Great American – Justin Morrill
2942 1998 77c Great American – Mary Breckenridge

Kind Regards,

Dave N.

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