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Anybody get theirs? I've yet to see my new issue.


  • KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    Yes, got it last week. It's a terrific issue (Fifth Anniversary Issue)


  • AAARRRRGHHHH! WELL I'M GLAD YOU GOT YOURS ANYWAY. You would think with having submitted so many stamps I would get an SMQ with in 2 weeks of shipping. On a lighter note PSE sent me back a stamp that I had sent for a corrected cert(it said both OGnh and previously hinged) it was returned registered at no charge. Now if I could get my other part of the order consisting of 19 stamps I'd be really happy(only 31 days so far though)
  • Well tommorrow will be 5 weeks for my 30 day submission. I mailed around the 19th of March wasn't "received" until April 2nd. Still haven't gotten the new SMQ or the new grading guide. Fortunately Steve Crippe is going to send me an SMQ. Now if I could just get the new grading guide.
  • Sent both to you today!

    Michael Sherman
    Director of Numismatics
  • Thanks Mike! Got them yesterday, it was a very pleasant surprise!
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