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I am selling a lot of autographs that I have collected over time and I assure that they are all original, 8x10 autographs.

If you are interested please email me at animeshippou@hotmail.com as I check my email a lot.

All of the costs are in Canadian Currency as I live in Ontario Canada, I have scans of all so just ask and I'll send.

Naveen Andrews from LOST $15.00
Milo Ventimiglia from HEROES $28.00 (with picture proof @ no additional charge)
Hugh Jackman X3 pic $15.00
Scott Speedman from Underworld Evolution $25.00 (with picture proof @ no additional charge)
Colin Farrell from S.W.A.T. $25.00
Shane West from The League of Extraordinary Gentleman $28.00
Ryan Merriman from Final Destination 3 $20.00
George Lucas the creator of Star Wars $15.00
Sarah Michelle Gellar $20.00
Kurt Russell from Tomb Stone $10.00

My PrePrints Are:
David Boreanez 6x7 almost a 1/2 $7.00
Sarah Michelle Gellar 6x8 $10.00
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest cast signed $10.00
I Have 14 TTM Success Autographs & Sinse I Enjoied Collecting I Began To Collect More To Sell. I Have Many Autographs @ Decent Prices!
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