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Help please

MrKelsoMrKelso Posts: 2,907 ✭✭✭
A friend of my family dropped off two big boxes of stamps that her late husband had for years. Looks like at some point they absorbed a lot of humidity and were not kept in good conditions. What is the best way to save these thousands of US and WorldWide old stamps? Or should i just toss them in a fire?


Edit to add: There is a scott world cataloge dated 1924 with a few hinged stamps on a few pages. Looks like there may have been a fire at some point, i see charcoal substance on a lot of the envelopes. image

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  • StampAlarmStampAlarm Posts: 1,668
    A lot of humidity...meaning there is mold evidence or the mint stamps are stuck.

  • Hi,

    Well, definitely do not throw them in the fire. If they are unused, just stuck together due to moisture or getting wet, they can be soaked in water to get them to separate, then dried, then used as regular postage at the very least.


    Dave N.

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