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Why are PSE registry set census #s inaccurate?

KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

I've noticed this for some time. The pop higher numbers don't seem to update other than if you make a stamp upgrade when that particular stamp will then show new current numbers.

Another problem I see is the error message you get if you try and click open the comments box to read extended comments for a stamp.

The PSE registry would be much nicer if it didn't have these problems.



  • StampAlarmStampAlarm Posts: 1,668
    I think part of it might just be growing pains. A sudden surge of interest the past year. I think I saw that there are now 319 sets registered. I wonder how that compares to previous years.

  • The registry seems to have a lot of glitches, perhaps eventually it will be updated with better software.
  • KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    I've noted two PSE errors recently. I added a PSE 98 stamp to one of my sets but on the registry it clicked in as a PSE 95. I had to fax the cert to the registry customer service staff to have the PSE database corrected. The other PSE error I've seen was in a Sam Houston offering where a C 54 was listed as a C 55. I mentioned this to them in an e mail and they thanked me. It was a PSE error they hadn't picked up on.

    As far as the registry pop numbers... even the Steve Crippe system is sometimes giving out inaccurate info. I don't see the point of PSE not updating these pop numbers. Isn't having accurate pop info a big part of why collectors use the registry?


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