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Local auction - few stamp items if interested

Our normal antique auctioneer in our sleepy little town in Western NY is having a special what he calls Coin, Stamp, & Select collectible auction coming up on April 29th. There are 250 lots, with a few stamp items mixed in that some of you may be interested in. I know nothing about stamps, but from what he told me, there are a few good ones in there.

He just put the text list of lots online, and there are some pictures of a few of the items there too. I actually took the pictures for him and am going back tonight to take some more he wanted to put online, so if you were interested, PM me and I can maybe send a bigger version before I shrunk them down 5-6 times (his webmaster insisted).

There is a phone number on the website and I know a few people on the coin side have called and left absentee bids or asked questions if you so desire.


EDIT: no sense in bumping it, there are only 5 posts above, but the latest batch of pictures were added today (4/12)
He asked me to pass along a thank you for all the calls, e-mails, & bids!


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