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Hey guys. Just got a huge box of stamps from someone who sold me their coin collection. I am talking thousands, ten's of thousands of stamps. Some in books (used), lots of plates (new), and sheets. The guy is 94 years old and just wants to liquidate. I told him I would help. As with any collection a big part of it is junk, but he has plenty of stuff from the late 1800's. He even has all 5 or 6 of what (are in) the Blue-grey paper section of the album. The pictures match, and he has all of the denominations. Was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can authenticate these pieces without sending them in for grading. Now they are used, but is good shape with no tears.

Is there a good sites I can go to for grading/authentication information? If this was yours and you wanted to sell it, how woulf you go about it? eBay? A Dealer?

Please share.


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    coverscovers Posts: 624
    The blue papers of the 1909 issues are usually not hard to tell. If you hold up a blue paper stamp to the light, the watermark shows very clearly. With non blue paper stamps, they are difficult or impossible to see when held to the light.

    Best advice is to see out a knowledgable dealer in your area. If you email me and tell me where you are located, perhaps I can suggest somebody.
    Richard Frajola
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