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I Went To A Nice Show This Weekend In Wichita Falls TX

It was the annual show there. There were 4-5 Stamp Dealers that took up part of the back wall with maybe 8-10 tables. The 2 hours that I was there they were quite busy. Good mix of age and gender too!!! That was nice to see.

Has anybody else made any shows this year? Anybody go to the NY show last month? What's coming up? Anybody have any plans?



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    We've had 2 good auctions in our area (Alberta) recently but I was unable to attend either. I'm a 4 hour drive from where they were, and I would have only spent money had I gone. It would have been interesting though.
    One was an estate sale of the late Ted Meers of Pack Rat Collectibles, lots of neato stuff. The other was the Edmonton Spring National Stamp Show which featured the inverted Seaway collection. http://www.edmontonstampclub.com/

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