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laurentyvanlaurentyvan Posts: 4,243 ✭✭✭
I can remember collecting stamps compulsively, but only vaguely as to specifics when I was young..

12 or 13 years old, about 1961, Hitler stamps everywhere, beautiful American stamps from the 30-60 years prior- nicely engraved that I could buy on approval, French stamps sent to me by relatives. Stamp collecting opened up the world to me geographically if not politically. So much of the hobby dovetailed nicely with my history classes...

Can you believe that I have no memory of where they went or for how much?

One thing I can remember about that period: a neighbor gave me a stamp album with about 2,000 pages, enticingly but only partially filled (which was my universe for awhile).

I thought that the Scott reference books my parents bought me were the coolest thing in the world... a remembrance of things past.

edit to add: the main point being how many of us 1950's or other early teenagers remember collecting stamps, fondly?
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  • MoneyLAMoneyLA Posts: 1,825
    We are from the same generation. in my case it was collecting plate blocks.... and some sheets of half-cent, one cent and other low denom current issues.

    today, the plate blocks sit in a closet in my son's home... but the sheets were framed and hang on walls in a den.

    oh, I forgot... first day covers!!
  • StampAlarmStampAlarm Posts: 1,668
    I started in early grade school. Maybe even 1st grade. I still remember the color of my 1st stamp albim. Green & yellow. I bought a grab bag of stamps out of a back of the book comic book ad for 99 cents. I remember there were quite a few stamps from Belgium.

  • I was born in 1969 and started collecting in 1978 when our local postmaster came to our 4th grade class and gave us some neat postcard type things with plate blocks on them. A freind of my mom gave me a 2 cent Pan-American stamp which was my favorite stamp. I remember pestering everyone I knew who had an old house to look in their attic as I was sure there were some rare and valuable covers. I quit collecting for a while but picked it back up about 1990. I have always used a Harris Liberty album never got into the expensive stuff. I keep my graded stamps elsewhere though.
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