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Purdy's Commemorative

Anyone else watching this? Canada Post put out a commemorative FDC to honour Purdy's Chocolates. I believe it follows the US in putting out one for Neilson's??
Only 10k were issued and I did not pre-order mine, assuming that our local PO would have it. No! The initial price was $2.50, one sold on Ebay a day ago for $29 US and is now in the buyers store at $38.50 US buy it now price. I did manage to get one at $10US because it has a coffee stain on the back. Don't have it yet to see how bad it is. I want it for my collection, not for resale so I'll settle for slightly used.

It's been interesting to watch at any rate.


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    Birdies, what's the price now? What did the eBay one end at? I've been following ghe Beatles commen. issue from GB. And nothing has happened yet.

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    Wow, and it continues to climb. One just sold for $40 Cdn and there's another still in bidding that is at $36 Cdn. There's also a buy it now one for $44 Cdn. Insane!
    I got mine and I'm most pleased, the slight coffee stain on the back is hardly noticeable and one could almost say it's a chocolate stain. Ha ha.

    I managed to pick up the Beatles stamps as well at our local PO, it came in it's own little booklet / folder thing with the six stamps plus a 4 stamp souvenir sheet. Very spiffy and glad I did not have to order it from the UK.
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    How in the world did you mamnge to get it at your local post office?

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    I'm not sure how they brought the Beatles issues in, but I'm not complaining. They still have 2 sets sitting there!
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