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Filled one of the major holes in my revenue collection.

Been after one of these for a while, but I just haven't been willing to pay full retail.

This one has 2 barely noticeable creases (I can only find 1, but the PFC cert says it has 2), and the pulled perf at UL (3rd perf in from left on top), which bizarrely is NOT mentioned on the cert even though it is clearly visible in the cert photo.

No award winner, but aesthetically nice. Good deep color.



  • The contrast in the 2 colors makes these stamps exceptionally pretty, to put it bluntly. Which is yours? I was looking at 2 R102a's and 2 102c's...I guess that means there's a 102b also. I can't tell the difference. Anyway, I was looking at them on the Regency-Superior upcoming auction for the St. Louis Show. Anybody going?

  • coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
    R102a is imperforate and R102c is perforated (the one I purchased).

    For 1st Series U.S. revenues, the (a) is imperforate, (b) is part perforate [perforated on one pair of parallel sides and imperforate on the other, similar to a coil], (c) is the regular perforated version, (d) indicates experimental paper with silk fibres, and (e) and (f) are used for various varieties [color variants, printed both sides, etc.]

    Not all varieties exist for all denominations and types.

    The photo gallery web page I've created for my collection shows all the major varieties listed in Scott (excluding cracked plates, double transfers, etc.) as well as those examples that I currently own.

    Still working on completing the set (not likely).
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