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Ryukyus Island FDC 6 ea. What are the Values?

I got these FDC a few years ago and have only been able to idenitfy the stamps but have no idea of the value of each cover. No, I am not Danny Patton, there were some Geo. S. Patton covers in the lot and the seller said he was related to him. Any ideas of value? (right click image, properties for Scott #'s two covers per image, am I right?)
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    Wooden Jeff - One way to find out if those first days are worth anything is to put them up on ebay as a lot with a $1.00 start. They will bring what they are worth if not more. Souvenir items, such as first days, are popular with novice collectors who frequent ebay.

    Personally, I find covers like the one shown here of more interest. This cover enclosed a May 28, 1853 letter from Commodore Perry to Lt. Cmdr. Maury advising him to send his supply ship "Caprice" to the port of Naha on Loo Choo (Ryukus Islands). The cover is discussed in the recently published book "The United States Post Offices in China and Japan, 1867 to 1874" (a plug).
    Richard Frajola
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