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Cdn Postal Money Orders

In September 1970, I purchased a series of postal money orders in order to get the stamps that affixed to them in the amount of the money order. I had been trying to get these stamps for my collection but the post mistress would sell them to me. To get around this I bough the money orders in various amount to cover all the stamp up to $1.00.
ei: a .03 money order would give me the .01 & .02 stamps . I have all the stamps up to .90 , still on the money orders which are in original conditions. I've been looking all over to try & find if they are of any value. Anyone have an idea on the subject? Your comments would be apreciated.


  • KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    I have no idea of their value but I would like to say welcome to the stamp forum ...

    Have fun, enjoy!


  • Welcome! To tell you the truth I don't even know what you are talking about. In Canada they put stamps right on the money orders or something?

  • Hi Jerry
    In the 60's and early 70's, we had what were called coupon money orders. As the name implies, they had coupons attached to them, one being the customer's receipt and the second for the paying office. The main body was made of some type of cardboard , perforated ( to be sorted by old style computer). I've been trying to add a picture for this reply but have been unable as yet......always too large Hummmm!
    As for you never having heard of them, these are some thirty years old, you know in the days your northern Canadian cousins lived in igloos 11 months of the years, traveled by snowshoes or skis in the winter (if you were rich enough, you could have a dog team...WOW) .....LOL
    I'll keep trying to get a picture next time......any suggestion as to how I should do it.........and I tried the smoke signal download......laptop still coughing!
  • Wow! This sounds neat. I'm going to start looking for them in auctions now.

  • Hi again,
    I finally figured out how to post the picture. A litte big but here just the same. This is what you would get if I ever posted them on ebay.image
  • Those are cool looking!
  • Hi,

    Yes they are quite different. All I wanted at the time was the stamps. The Post Mistress was adament "no stamps". This was my way around that restriction. I have about 10 of these in various amounts. How would I go about finding there value? Any comments would be appreciated.
  • I like "MOONBEAM ONT. Is that the name of your town?

  • Hi Jerry,

    Yes.......many years ago.
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