Forum Member Ebay Seller IDs?

I'm only a month or so old here....and I'm there a list of forum member ebay seller id's somewhere?

I'm always looking for reliable ebay seller/dealers...and there are a number of impressive people that post here that
I know sell on ebay..but alot of times they don't include their id's or links to what they are selling.

For example..I have no idea what MadMarty's ebay id is...there are a number of "madmartys"..even
a "badmarty"..but I'm not sure who is who. I know he is destined to have some interesting stuff for sale.

And so it goes with many others that post here...

So....if you sell frequently on ebay....I'd be interested in hearing from you. There are some really class acts here..and I would
feel much better buying from you than from some dude I know nothing about.


"All that is gold does not glitter..."
-JRR Tolkien


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