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I know nothing about stamps, please help

Hey folks,

I know absolutely nothing about stamps. I happened to stumble across an auction on ebay for a set of 23 stamps entitled PORTRAITS OF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT BOXER CHAMPIONS FROM 1889-1964. If you kind folks wouldn't mind, can anyone give me any further information about these stamps? Are they rare? Valuable? Were they actually released around 1964 or is that just the cutoff for the set subjects?

Any help/info would be enormously appreciated. Thank you.



  • I went and looked at them There is no country designated or denomination that I could see on the stamps. So, I don't think they are postage stamps. They are not advertised as postage stamps from a country either. Sorry, but I can't help ya on this.

  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Do you have a link or item#?
  • Doug, I just went to eBay and stamps category and typed in boxers. I never knew how many stamp listings had boxers on them. And I'm talking about the dog breed. Anyway, mixed in the listings in a couple Sugar Rays and this set.

  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Here's a link that discusses them.
    Slania stamps

    Seems there are fakes out there and I have no idea of worth on these items; but I'm sure searching on the internet would provide insight if no one else here is aware of them.
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