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Pairings for the Mardi Gras/ Lenten Swap posted on Page Two

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It just occurred to me that we haven't had a sanctioned Coin Swap in quite some time.

Yeah, I remember those! How about you guys? Y'all remember too? Someone should have sais something!

Well, it's too late for a Valentine Swap and too early for a Spring Swap.

Ahh, I've got it. How about a MARDI GRAS SWAP!? Let's see, Mardi Gras is Tuesday, 02-20 07, the day before

Ash Wednesday. The last Official Day to party before the Lenten Season.

All interested parties sign in and let's see if we can squeeze one good swap in by say, Sunday 02-18-2007.

All pre-screened Official Swap Club Members are obviously already OK'd but I still need a head count so please

sign up and sign in.

Any newcomers or interested parties feel free to ask yor questions openly here IN THIS VERY THREAD and I'm sure that if I am not present to answer, one of the elders here will be glad to.

If I do not know you or have you personal info, < Name, physical address, telephone #, email addy, any and all pertinent contact info> please sned it to me via PM or to quarterguy@bellsouth.net .... OK?

Thanx and let's make this happen in short order. We need to be signed up ao I can pair everyone up by Friday night , the 16th/ early 17th. image


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