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CTO,Canceled stamp,Used Stamp

Dear collectors,
Please, help me to determine the differance between CTO,Canceled,Used stamps.
How can I know by looking them.

Awaiting yours answers.




  • Go to http://1847usa.com/

    That site has an excellent glossary of all stamp terms.
  • Hi Armen and welcome to the Stamps Forum.

    Here's the link

  • Thanks for response.

    Dear friend I didnt find anything concerning my inquiry, please if not difficult can you explain me about these stamps.


  • Armen, CTO...Cancelled To Order..."cancelled" will be stamped on them in either English or the Language of the country that issued them. These stamps are no longer needed or wanted in the postage system of the country of issue. This is done so that they may then be sold at a discount and not used to mail something. I assume there are other ways to CTO a stamp. i.e. Big black X

    Have you ever received a letter or package in the mail? Sure you have. Look at the stamps on a letter you have received and you can see what a used stamp looks like. It has a postmark, usually black ink, that will show a date and place of origin. These are sometimes called cancelled.

    Does this help?


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