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Can you tell me the value..??

Hi..I'm from the coin forum and a while ago I spotted some U.S. stamps that I liked and went from PO to PO to pick up some sheets.
They are .32 cents and triangular.They are for the Pacific 97 International Stamp Exhibition...San Francico. California May29-June8,1997.
Stage Coach and Ships.Here is a picture of one corner..of 4.......16 stamps to the whole sheet.
any idea of value or collectability..??image


  • According to the 2005 Scott Specialized Catalogue (the most recent I have), it books at $10.00 for the sheet. It is Scott #3130-31.
    2000 Gallery PPI Registry Set
  • Scott's catalog typically lists all new stamps at double facce value. Actual value of the sheet is face value.
    Richard Frajola
  • Thanks......image..............The new Prez Dollars are on their way.........
  • Actually, it is probably only worth face value if you use it for postage. You might not be able to sell it for face.
  • $1.50 - $2.00 max.

  • I thought it would be a unique item .I had never seen a U.S. triangle stamp before..The whole sheet of these looks neat...!!
  • They are unique! However, 130 milion of each were printed.

  • Yes, as StampAlarm said, they are unique except for the other 130 million sheets. I bet that there are many millions of sheets sitting in drawers or albums right now.

    Look, if you really like them, just keep them and forget what they are worth.

    The postage value is a little more than $5. If you enjoy them, then forget the $5.12 in postage and keep them. Make believe that you went to Starbucks and bought a $5 coffee.

    By the way, because there are so many of them, they are very unlikely to ever be worth more than postage. At least in the next 50 years.

  • << <i>They are unique! However, 130 milion of each were printed.
    Jerry >>

    I guess I'll stick to my coins....image..image
  • Maybe someday if the USPS gets a clue they will issue some (very) limited high-end stamps for collectors that might hold some value to some degree like the mint has done with coins. Personally I don't care for stuff issued only to be collected with no intent of circulation or use. This might be an idea that might generate some real revenue for them. Also the stuff might have some real value. Of course stamps have no precious metals in them. On the other hand a modern collector issue $5 dollar gold coin with $400 worth of metal has always seemed absurd to me. Most of the collector stuff the USPS as issued is just overpriced junk that will be brought to antiques road show in 30 years and still be worth very little monetarily.
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