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When I was stationed in Korea, I sent cards out with a stamped return envelope requesting autographs. About half of the players signed and returned the cards. Phil Niekro, Craig Morton, Jerry West, Desmond Howard and several others sent back hand written letters with the autographed cards. The greatest response was from golfers. Timothy Finchem the PGA Commissioner signed the PGA Set cover card and sent it back.

Has anybody else had any luck sending out cards and asking for autographs?
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  • mrpaseomrpaseo Posts: 4,753 ✭✭✭
    I did this once for my nephew, but the cards took like a year image I sent them off and forgot about them, I did not tell my nephew about it till one day his mom (My sister) called me and asked if I had sent them, I told her what and when and they were excited.

    They respond, it just sometimes takes alot of time for them to get back to you image
  • Yes I have. Watch out for ghost signatures from the wives.

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