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I was reading in the new SMQ how the Scott Valuing Supplement has claimed that PSE's grading system is based on Scott's grading system. Absurd!!! Actually it's the other way around, the SVS mimics the SMQ. What's wrong Scott? Losing some of your footing as the authority on the valuing US stamps?(I haven't bought a new Scott specialized since 2004 and focusing on PSE graded stamps for my collection) I ranted on here sometime back about how I thought the SVS was not even close (as an authority) to the SMQ on graded values. I think I would have had a hard time being as tactful regarding Jim Kloetzal's SVS statements, as Mr. Litle is in his SMQ article. I got burned so many times when I was younger,and before 3rd party grading, using the Scott specialized catalog. Now with the deceptive Scott "grade it yourself" book there are all these sellers(especially on Ebay) stating "Scott grade Superb 98 $300" It's worse than the meager descriptions in the Scott becuase now they are placing GRADED values on stamps that noone, except the seller, has graded. Before, a seller only had the VF prices
(and shortly before that F-VF) in the Scott as starting points and thus the REAL XF or better value was open to interpretation. Now a seller or dealer can point at the SVS and say." See the SVS says this is worth $300 as superb 98" but there is no authority saying , "Yes the stamp you're selling is really a 98." It would be nice if all collectors/dealers could grade their own stamps honestly (and with sufficient knowledge) and sell in the same manner.When I bought the very first SVS I thought," This is going to open a can of worms." I still can't see any purpose for this publication, that the SMQ doesn't already fulfill and better so(other than generating more revenue for Scott publishing besides the fact that the SMQ is FREE!). Scott should start grading stamps since they are the "authority" and start backing up their system that supposedly is,"being very consistently adhered to by all the main participants who are actually grading stamps and publishing valuing guides." What hogwash. So PSE stop using Scott's system for grading, they're the experts, after all look at all the stamps they've graded in the marketplace. Oh, that's right, there aren't any.


  • If you want to see a seller who is selling "Scott grades" based on the SVS, checkout "Tomlynnstores" Just about if not all of the stamps are graded at least one grade too high. This person has $900+ buy it now items that don't even have certs!! This tactic for selling is fine as long as the seller wants to refund your money and submission fees if you submit it for a grade and the stamp doesn't "make the grade." Deceptive in my opinion.
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    Its a buyer-beware world. This is common in the coin business. You can find many overgraded raw coins by their sellers touting PCGS price guide prices. Grading is just one person's/group's opinion. I foresee stamp grading will follow the same path as coin and currency grading. When there are price guides stating higher values than the "usual" catalogs/lists, then that opens the opportunity for some shady selling practices; just as you pointed out.

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