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Looking for Scott Catalogs and some USA stamps

Hello All,

I need a Scotts USA cat Vol 1 (A-B) and Volume 2(C-F) I'd like to pay the very minimum + media mail rate shipping. They can be very well worn/used as I am not collecting them, but going to use them. I'd prefer year 2000 or newer issues. I've been slowly accumuating some early w/w airmails and need to check what I'm getting! I am also willing to trade from my USA duplicates for these (my duplicates list can be sent to you via e-mail upon your request.

USA stamps I'm trying to get:
USA Scott#
1388A MNH pair 1969 6c Flag, Coil, perf 10
1402 MNH pair 1971 8c Eisenhower coil
1488 MNH 8c Copernicus (1973)
1504 MNH 8c Angus Cattle (1973)
1518 MNH pair 6.3c Liberty Bell (1974)
1590/1623 MNH pair 9c Capitol & 13c Flag Over Capitol (1977)
1622 MNH 13c Flag Over Independence Hall perf 11 x 10 3/4 (1975)
1622C MNH 13c Flag Over Independence Hall perf 11 x 11 1/4 (1981)
1623 MNH 13c Flag Over Capitol (1977)
1623B MNH 13c Flag Over Capitol perf 10 x 9 3/4 (1977)
1625 MNH pair 13c Flag Over Independence Hall (1975)
2433 MNH or Used 1989 World Stamp Expo S/S (1989)
2934 MNH 32c Great American - Cal Farley (1996)
2935 MNH 32c Great American - Henry Luce (1998)
2936 MNH 32c Great American - Lila & DeWitt Wallace (1998)
2941 55c Great American - Justin Morrill (1999)
2942 MNH 77c Great American Mary Breckenridge (1998)

I will consider buying these or trading from my USA duplicates. I'm also willing to trade other things - I have some spare bicycle parts etc. I've traded some children's books for stamps before, so be imaginitive. I even have some extra of the USA State Quarters (most obtained from the bank when they first came out, so they may not technically be "uncirculated" but should be in about uncirculated. Maybe you missed a few of these for your quarter collections.

Of course I have other USA wants, I can send my want list on request.

Best Regards to all,

Dave N.
Mississippi, USA
davednorris at yahoo dot com


  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Dave, I have vol 1-6 and the US Specialized Scotts, 2000 edition. If interested, I'm sure we could work out some kind of trade. The s/h would cost more than the cats themselves. I've been happy with our trades in the past.

  • Hi Doug,

    Private message sent to ya.

    Dave N.
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