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Holiday Gift Idea

I decided to give copies of the USSS's "Encyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting" as holiday gifts to a couple of dozen of my clients this year. It really is a nice book, and it quite reasonablly priced. Nick Lombardi of the USSS was kind enough to let me mail to him greeting cards, and he is going to ship the books directly to my clients, with my card inserted in the box. He's also going to include some literature from the USSS and maybe the APS. It will be interesting to see how these clients are going to react (if at all). I picked 25 or so clients that I thought might catch the stamp collecting bug image Just an experiment in promoting the hobby. Also a way to support the USSS. Think I'm a nut for doing this?
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looking for OLD US Sheets


  • Heck no! That sounds like a great idea. I thought about giving out a few subs to Linns.

  • Sounds like great ideas Brian and Jerry. I've given out thematical stamps/sheets out as gifts to my nieces and nephew. Its always easy to give coin gifts, but you rarely hear of someone getting a stamp gift.
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    Brian, very nice idea image

    My thought has been to give the gift of a PSE encapsulated stamp. I think non philatelic collectors could appreciate this, without causing any damage to the stamp. For example, my better half was born in Niagara Falls. If I ever find a nice high grade Scott 568, priced right, I will likely try to buy it for her.


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    whether its stamps, coins or baseball cards, they should be encapsulated when given to a non collector as a gift! That way, they can't ruin the item yet also learn about the hobby.
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  • KJ - I can't think of a more boring gift than a small engraving of Niagara Falls, in green, embedded in a plastic holder.

    Philately has so much more to offer. Niagara Falls area has some great history that is available in first hand accounts in folded letters. From my War of 1812 collection sold in 1989 I had a couple items listed here for example. You can find advertising covers from pre 1900 era - there are several beautiful covers that were illustrated with the Falls when they had the Pan-American Expo in Buffalo in 1901, (like this one), etc.

    Richard Frajola
    Richard Frajola
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