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Mr Frajola Question about panes on cover.

Mr Frajola,
I have been wondering about a correspondence of about 70 covers that I purchased around 3 or 4 years ago. It consists of letters written buy a traveling salesman that worked for a book company( I think) to his wife while traveling on trains and from hotels in Minnesota, South dakota etc (many are RPO cancels as well as having illustrated hotel cornercards). They range from about 1907 to 1914 or so. The striking thing about these is that the salesman Mr. Samson used booklet panes(minus the top booklet selvedge) to send several of the letters Special Delivery. There are 4 covers with #319 panes with one being 319f and the other 3 being varying shades that I would have to check again. Then there are 14 more covers with Washington-Franklin 2c panes, with several #332a ( ID'd by cancel date) possible #374a , #406a, and 425e. I am a fairly knowledgeable collector but have yet to see any sort of comparable reference for this material. I know that early used panes with the selvedge intact can sell for high amounts but have no idea on this since there is more than one, they are all on cover and all the letters are still there. In your opinion is this an important find? I know that early panes on cover are not very easy to find and a few collectors I have talked too or shown this batch to were fairly impressed. What do you think on importance(postal history wise) scarcity and even realistic value. Would much appreciate your eduacted opinion. I would post some pictures but as yet have had no luck putting up images on this site.


  • edueku - I am not a specialist in early 20th century myself. However, there are numerous contributors to my forum here that know the material and would be happy to respond. Also, at least a couple South Dakota and Minnesota collectors.

    My email address is linked from the board and if you want to email me images, I'll be pleased to post them for you.

    Richard Frajola
    Richard Frajola
  • Thanks Richard,
    I'll try to send some images. For some reason I have had trouble even sending images with email in the last several months for some unknown reason but I'll give it a shot.
  • You could try using Imageshack a free picture upload site. Then link from there to this board. There is a 50k limit on pictures that are uploaded to the boards. You won't get an error message it just doesn't upload. As to your email I would also check the size limits.
  • Laceupboots,
    If you want to see my covers go to Frajola's site. There is a link in his reply above. This is a unique lot of covers with booklet panes on cover. Very undervalued in my opinion.
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