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I have several (42)photographs I have aquired recently while attempting to collect autographs. I'm asking $10 for all the photos plus $4 shipping. I'll list the photos below. Thanks Moose.

Tobey McGuire
Kate Winslet x 3
Cuba Gooding Jr. - Color
Robert Englund x 3
Denzel Washington
Samuel L. Jackson
Halle Berry - Color
Smothers Bros.
Jeff Goldblum
Tim Allen
Frank Laine x 3
Christina Ricci
Family Guy x 3
Pierce Brosnan
Jimmy Carter - Color x 2
John McCain - Color
Michael Jordan - Color
Elizabeth Taylor x 2
Billy Crystal - Color
George W. Bush - Color x 2
Vin Diesel
George H. Bush - Color x 2
Clint Eastwood - Color x 2
Mel Brooks x 3
Jamie Pressly x 3


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