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Has The Upside Down Jenny Ever Been Issued As A Commemorative?

Someone mentioned 2001 seies and I can't find it. I've never seen it for any year.



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    << <i>Someone mentioned 2001 seies and I can't find it. I've never seen it for any year.

    Jerry >>

    I'm not sure but I couldn't see the post office issuing a commemorative stamp about an error it made. image
  • Why can't you see the Postal Service issue a stamp commemorating the upside down Jenny? I bet they do it now! Also, what mistake are you talking about? When the sheet actually passed hands from the postal employee into the customers'? Just teasing you with that because I hope you aren't thinking that there was or is a U.S. Postal Printing Office located in a large granite building in Parkersburg WV!

    The Bureau of Engraving and Printing got the contract to print postage stamps for the U.S.P.O. Dept. in 1893 and ended in 2005. Before BEP, ABNC held the contract. Since the Jenny was a 1918 issue it would have been the BEP that made the printing error.

    Now for the rest of the story. My icon is Scott #295 the 2nd stamp in a 6 stamp 1901 issue, Pan-American Exposition (294-299). Scott nrs. 294-296 had an printing error where in my case the train is inverted. The 2001 Pan-American Inverts Issue, Tagged, Perf. 12 is a commemorative sheet with the 3 inverted stamps and four 80cent stamps with a Buffalo on them for some reason. Anyway, the Scott nr. for this sheet is 3505 and the stamp commemorating my icon inverted is 3505b. They are on the sheet as the errors were printed and issued. image They don't look quite as crisp and are lighter in shade though. An original invert of 295 has a CV of $42K.

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