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Value of 1901 Pan-Pacific Stamp set.

My friend has a set of stamps from the 1901 Pan Pacific Expo they are in a hard bound folder with the historyon 1 side and 5 or 6 un-used stamps 1, 2, 4, 10, 20, 30 cents, something like that un-issued. Very pretty set. Anyone ever seen this set or have an idea on value??



  • Hi there. Anything look familiar around this place? My icon is the 2c issue, Scott # 295. Unissued meaning speciman? Or do you mean unused? Do you have them in hand or have you seen them? This is a fun set. Look at my icon. Not only do you need to look for good centering of the red border...you do not want any red in the perfs, they are a dime a dozen... but the placement of the locomotive. The same is true for

    294 1c Fast Lake Express ship
    296 4c Electric Car..with the Capital Dome behind it! Especially this one!


    297 5c Bridge at Niagra Falls
    298 8c Canal Locks at Sault St. Marie
    299 10c Fastr Ocean Navigation

    Are easier to find with everything lined up. At least that's what I have found. So, try this. Go to the PSE Homepage and check out some of the dealers. Just look for 294 thru 299. You also need to find out what the back of the stamps look like. OG & NH ? Remember, bigger the margins the better. Then we can get some prices.

    I recently purchased a 295 PSE XF-SUP 95 (Mint-OGnh) for $450. I'll try to post some links to this set later.

  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    When you say history is on one side, do you mean there is some printing on the gum side? If so, these are the re-issues; worth around face value; a little more for people looking for the set.
  • it is called Postal Commemorative Society 1901 Pan-Pacific Issue includes the 6 stamps all pretty nice. Not used means not put on envelope(stamped), not hinged, all pretty decent centering.

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