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Civil War Revenue Stamps

Assorted Civil War revenue stamps and about 200 world stamps dating from 1860's - 1960's. I believe there are 213 stamps all together hinged on pages. If interested I can give more details. I would like to trade these for something that I have interest in such as coins. Will consider all offers.


  • Please remember this before you get disappointed. Offering hinged stamps is like offering cleaned coins.

  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Scavanger, can you post any pics of some of your stamps?

    UncleWiggly, I have to disagree comparing hinged stamps to cleaned coins. There is nothing wrong with a hinged stamp and if it is used, it has no bearing at all as long as it didn't cause a thin. Many old-time collectors prefer hinged mint stamps (classics) vs mnh because many times a classic mnh will turn out to be a regum. I would take previously hinged OG mint all day over a regum mnh. Some of my stamps even have hinge remnants with those old style "hinges" where they used a strip of paper or cloth and glued it to their page; not your "modern" pre-gummed hinges of today. This to me adds to the nostalgia; that the stamp used to be housed in a very old collection.

    As long as the hinge did not damage the stamp, its still good. You can also save some money buying mh instead of mnh. Its usually just a collector's preference. When getting to classic era stamps, you will need to be Bill Gates to buy certain mnh specimens and some may not even exist.
  • Picture - please see attachment (file is compressed)
  • Hi Scavenger,

    Are there any early (pre 1945 or so) airmails in the world stamps in your group? I might be interested in them?

    Dave n.
  • Dave,
    There are some German stamps that say Luft Post on them. I'm pretty sure that this translates to "air post". Four different stamps with 5 -20- 35 -50 postage and they all read DEUTSCHE REPUBLIK - DEMOKRATISCHE. They are all different colors, grey - red - purple- brown and have a picture of a plane on them.

    There is another one also that is bigger than the other four. It is a 1DM, and it also has a plane on it. All five of them have been cancelled. As far as the dates, above the first four someone wrote in pencil "DEC 3, 1957" ?
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    << <i>Please remember this before you get disappointed. Offering hinged stamps is like offering cleaned coins.

    Jerry >>

    I'm coming to the party late, but I'm afraid that you couldn't be more wrong, especially where 19th-century revenues are concerned.

    Civil War-era revenues are found mint far less than 1% of the time. Almost all 1st through 3rd series stamps are only found used. Most that appear to be unused have been washed or bleached in one way or another. True "mint" revenues with original gum are scarce. Scott only lists revenues in used condition for issues prior to 1898.

    The 3rd series 2-cent revenues (R135, R152) can be found unused with a little more frequency, but it isn't until the issues of 1898 that mint revenues are found with any regularity. The battleship revenues are readily found mint OG, although as with most revenues, cancellation collecting is quite the specialty.

    Hinging on early revenues is a nonissue (damage caused by hinges notwithstanding).

    Now, that being said, the odds of a collection pictured above having any revenues worth more than Scott minimum pricing are few and far between. I have thousands of Civil War revenue stamps that I'd sell for a quarter or less each... only certain types and denominations are scarce.

    My web site devoted to early revenue stamps can be found at www.revenue-collector.com
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