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2500th Post Giveaways...sorry, no Saints: WINNERS in FIRST POST

Just noticed I was coming up on 2500, and appreciate all the information I have learned over the fairly short time I have been on the forums.

Just reply to this message by 10PM Saturday the 30th and your name will be entered into a random pool for one of these fine items:

Winners, Please PM me with your address and I will get these out during the week:

1834 Bust Half: Newb
2005S Cent: Claychaser
Frankie: MarineEAS

Anacs VF25 1834 Bust Half...



A 2005S PF69 RD Ultra Cameo Lincoln Cent...I didn't take a picture, but it is RED and SHINY, and looks sort of like the image below with a different date, if you can imagine that image


And for those of you who always wanted a coin from Anaconda but couldn't justify the price, here is one I won from Brandon awhile ago. At least it is silver, and it comes with provenance in the form of a handwritten note. image




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