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Any YNs out there need a Redbook?--Giveaway WINNER IN LAST POST!!

I was given this one at the BRNA show YN meeting. I just found it today whilst cleaning my room. image


A nice board member told me the other day to 'pass it on.' So, this is a giveaway. image

I have a Redbook, a dog eared well-loved 2006 ed. This one is 2005, but from a casual preusal the information (sans prices, of course) seems to be the same.

Just post here to be considered. image

Only qualification for entry is that you must state your favorite coin series (or country) and why.

Yes, you may enter on behalf of a YN, but same qualification applies.

I will let this go until Thursday at 6 PM EST. Then I will use a random number generator!

Good luck! image


I'm a YN working on a type set!

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