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Newbie with alot of serious questions

I have recently got a box full, I mean thousand of used U.S. and Foreign stamps. Foreign countries are Africa, U.K. India, alot of Russian, Hungry some countries I have never heard of.They range from 1882-1970. Most are on a corner of a letter or postcard. According to cancellation dates alot of 1910-1940's so far. Some are just loose, some beat up bad some appear to me pretty good.
They seem like they were of someone of the military or department of a defense. I would love to send photos of these to anyone who can tell me what direction to go with them. I had went out and bought a blackbook but it's in black and white and seriously I have so many stamps and the different colors and sizes... forget it I just wanna know if this will be worth the time it's gonna take......Please anyone
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