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YN, book giveaway; Leiana and Notlogical win.

YN book giveaway/contest: Gold Coins of the New Orleans Mint 1839-1909 2nd edition, by Doug Winter; signed copy.

Write a paragraph on some way your collecting hobby has meshed with/co-mingled/interacted with school or scouting. Also list 3 reasons why , even though you may not collect New Orleans coins now, you would like to have this book.

I have enlisted Coinguy1 and RYK as judges, if they do not agree, I will cast a swing vote. Giveaway contest entries posted here by August 29th(tuesday) 9PM. Winner posted shortly thereafter.

Edit: Both entries were very well written and both Amanda and Samuel will receive a copy of the book.


  • LeianaLeiana Posts: 4,349
    *gasp* I love gold coins! (Too poor to buy any just yet, but someday!) I shall do my very bestest. image

    At my school, I took AP United States History. We started with the Paleo-Indians and ended in about the 1980's. I wasn't quite a numismatist when I took APUSH, but it has certainly helped me put some "Numismatic History Events" in context like the Pittman Act in 1919, for example. In my class, we just learned that it provided for a Govt. purchase of a certain amount of silver, but as I read my Redbook when I first got it I learned that the Pittman Act brought about the ressurection of the Morgan Dollar, my favorite coin at the time because of an 1896 given to me by my Dad.


    We learned about the Bland-Allison act of 1878 in APUSH, too, but not until I started learning about coins did I connect it with the Morgan Dollar. I wrote an essay about the gold standard and William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech in which he argued for "Free Silver" in the 1890's, but actually owning a coin from the same year he ran for president arguing about the value of said coin is really something for me. It makes the history tangible. I thought I knew all about the 16:1 silver/gold ratio, but when I actually learned on my own about silver dollars and gold dollars (and the size difference), all the history made more sense to me. It became "real" instead of just words on a page. And we did talk about how gold was demonetized in 1933, but I never thought about the impact that would actually have on Numismatics. Now, as a numismatist, I cringe at the thought of classic gold coins being thrown to FDR's melting pot and I enjoy learning about the 1933 Saint Gauden's double eagles.

    Now, I'm sure many kids in my class learned about those events for the AP exam and now do not think about them at all. They are very important to me because they provided for coins for me to enjoy learning about today. My combined interests of history and Numismatics have allowed me to put many events in context.

    I would like this book because:

    Read the book before you buy the coin. image

    I love Civil War History and I know the New Orleans mint was heavily involved in 1861.

    I love reading and learning new things.

    Thanks for the excellent giveaway and the opportunity to enter!


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  • Give it to Amanda! Bravo image
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  • I'm in 4-H and I like it a lot. The 4-H pledge is "I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyalty, my HANDS to greater service and my HEALTH to better living." I think that is a lot like coin collecting too. I think coin collecting is the greatest hobby ever so I like to tell other people about it and 4-H gives me a chance to do that.

    For the last 2 years I have done posters about coin collecting for one of my 4-H projects that I take to the county fair to be judged. Last year I did a poster about the Wisconsin extra leaves quarters. It got a first place ribbon and a lot of people said they liked it. This year I did a poster about collecting all kinds of coins. image

    It got a first place ribbon and got chosen to go to State Fair too! I was so excited about that! I also won a special recognition award for it. The judge wrote on the award, "The neatest coin poster ever!" image

    That made me feel really good but what made me feel even better was so many people that talked to me about when they were kids and their grandpa or grandma, their aunt or uncle collected coins and how they used to show their coins to them and talk with them about them. A lot of people said my poster brought back a lot of fun memories for them. I thought that was really cool. image

    I would like to win the book because if I never get to buy a gold coin from New Orleans, I could read about them and look at the pictures about them when ever I wanted and it would almost be like owning one of the coins. Another reason is that my Dad and me have been reading a book about the USS Republic and I thought the chapter about New Orleans and the civil war was really interesting since I have heard so much about New Orleans because of Katrina and my cousin who lives there.

    Thanks for the chance.


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  • Thank you very much! image
    What Mr. Spock would say about numismatics...
    image... "Fascinating, but not logical"

    "Live long and prosper"

    My "How I Started" columns
  • You are most welcome. Thank you for taking the time to compose an entry,
    very nice to hear of your 4H activities.image

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    What Mr. Spock would say about numismatics...
    image... "Fascinating, but not logical"

    "Live long and prosper"

    My "How I Started" columns
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