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Fifth Anniversary giveaway (winners announced in first post)

Somebody recently reminded me that August 17th was my fifth anniversary on the Collectors Universe site, so in celebration I am gonna give away five coins or small lots of coins.

I will randomly draw five winners (first through fifth place). The first person will get first choice of the five prizes, the second person second choice, and so on, with the fifth winner having to take whatever is left over.

Post only once here to enter. Winners will be drawn randomly using a random number generator.

The prizes will be:

PRIZE A: Five nice Brilliant Uncirculated 1955-D Washington quarters


PRIZE B: Five hundred assorted world coins and Wheat pennies in one big mixture


PRIZE C: Five different US 5-cent pieces in a Dansco #7070 Type set album


PRIZE D: Five different ancient bronze coins including Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Chinese


PRIZE E: Five US 5-dollar bills (The spending kind, not the collectible kind. Or, if you prefer, the same amount via PayPal.)

And the randomly-selected winners are...

, who gets first pick from the list of prizes above. (Chose Prize E).

DocMortar, who gets second choice. (Chose Prize C).

jdsinva, (Prize A).

GaCoinGuy, (Prize D).

arlea1957, (Prize B).

Winners, PM me your mailing address, and let me know which prize you would like. If the person who gets to pick before you chooses the same prize, I'll have to ask you to choose again.

I will go ahead and warn y'all that I'm likely to be slow as Christmas in shipping these. (Well, not literally... it might take me a while to pack and ship this stuff, but it'll be well before Christmas- LOL) image

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