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Interesting Bill Murray Autograph/STRIPES Collectible

Hi everyone:

I was stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky, which was where filming was done on the movie
STRIPES in 1981. My unit, the 4th Training Brigade, was the host Army unit for the cast
and crew of the movie.

This is the program from the Christmas Formal, sponsored by my unit:


The inscription says:

John, Trade Stamps! It's Fun, And Educational! Merry Christmas - Bill Murray

Inside the program is the sequence of events and menu. There is some foxing on
the cover - shucks.

Can anyone give me an approximate value on an item like this, if it is worth anything?
Would appreciate it!

John C. Knudsen, LM ANA 2342, LM CSNS 337
SFC, US Army (Ret.) 1974-1994
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