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Need the following to complete a few series


I'm interested in trading other USA stamps I have for these USA stamps. I'd also consider buying if the price is low enough.
I need these to complete some series in my collection. I can send my dupes list on request. Please help if you can....

185 used no defects
189 used no defects
224 used no defects
265 used, with evident watermark
274 used, with evident watermark
287 used no defects
310 used
407 used, well centered, hinged is okay
560 used, well centered with light cancel, hinged is okay.
590 used, well centered, hinged is okay
2934 mnh
2935 mnh
2936 mnh
2941 mnh
2942 mnh
E18 mlh or better
J86 mlh or better
J23 used or better
JQ2 used or better

Thanks in advance,

Dave N.

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