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Latest Edit- 08-21- 2006 @ 6:47 AM CDT

Be sure that I have all participants' required information beforehand. Let's get this taken care of this week..

I suggest we keep things as simple as possible. Basically, at this point in time, everyone will be on the Honor System. Afterall, it's just your reputations' and Integrity at stake. If you have any problems meeting a $50 MINIMUM... SAY SO NOW so that I can pair you with someone of your means. You will not be looked down upon as ultimately only I will know and I certainly will not look down on anyone because he or she is limited in what they can do at present. That's NOT my style.

PARAMOUNT- ***#1***- COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PARTNERS. Be flexible. Don't be so utterly demanding and all inclusive as to what you WANT as opposed to being pleasantly surprised by what you receive.

Place yourselves in your respective partners' shoes and ask yourselves, "How would I feel if I were to receive this?" If there is the remotest inkling of doubt in your mind that you have not given enough, ADD MORE. What's worth more ... your Word, your Integrity or a stinking coin that will still be here after the last one in this very group draws his or her last breath? THINK ABOUT IT.

PARAMOUNT- #2- Agreeing on a Pricing Guide. Come on now people. You cannot place RAW coins or coins from 2nd and 3rd tier TPGs on the same level as the PCGS Price Guide. For crying out loud, most of the time the PCGS Price Guide does not apply to PCGS certifed coins. I happen to like and send BOTH.

Here is a hypothetical for you - Suppose I were to send Joe a sealed 2005 US Mint Set. How would you view this? At the price at the Mint ? NO, because unless you live under a rock YOU KNOW the approximate value of this set from seeing prices realized at auction on eBay or read of it in Coin World. LOOK AROUND. Also, anyone with an inkling of common sense KNOWS that there is a good chance that should he or she submit these PQ coins, that more likely than NOT (AGAIN FROM PAST RESULTS) the coins will grade very nicely and there is potential for this $19.95 (or whatever the price is) set to then be worth a LOT MORE MONEY THAN THE US MINT SET PRICE OR THE PRICES REALIZED FOR A SET ON EBAY. You have a very real shot at making several top pops from that set. This is THE VERY SORT OF THING THAT SHOULLD BE DISCUSSED PRIOR TO YOUR PACT WITH YOUR PARTNER.... COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION.

I very strongly SUGGEST that you call your mate, take 10-15 minutes to get to know one another and try to keep it smooth and simple. I would also ASK that each swapper DO NOTHING with what is sent him or her until BOTH parties declare the swap mutually gratifying. IT's NOT THAT DIFFICULT.

PARAMOUNT # 3 - I AM REQUESTING to see posts such as "Partner contacted and we are a GO" POSTED BY ALL PARTICIPANTS. I would also like to see, upon culmination of said swap, each and everyone post THE TRUTH so that I can keep a legitimate rating of each participant's ethics as well as whether or not they waited to see what they got first before sending.

IRON OUT YOUR DIFFERENCES BEFORE YOU PUBLICLY BLAST SOMEONE OR APPROACH ME TO MEDIATE. If you ALL communicate, this can and will be avoided and prevented from transpiring in the FIRST place. COMMUNICATION....I cannot stress that word enough.

When I post the roster, everyone is to expeditiously contact his or her respective partner, agree upon terms and SHIP as soon, and I DO MEAN, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If members take it upon themselves to SIGNIFICANTLY EXCEED the MINIMUM, I believe it would be a fair statement to say that PARTICULARS NEED TO THOROUGHLY BE DISCUSSED PRIOR TO SHIPPING. USE real world pricing and NOT the PCGS Price Guide because IT IS NOT EVEN A GOOD INDICATOR OF REAL WORLD PRICING FOR PCGS certified coins. I do not have a clue as to how or where they come up with these numbers but you simply cannot hold these prices as etched in stone. SAME GOES FOR THE NUMISMEDIA GUIDE AND RED BOOK. Research several venues and see what your coins are REALLY worth, not theoretically, hypothetically or speculatively.

Say I agree to send someone a $50 PCGS 69 FIRST STRIKE GOLD BUFFALO. How much is my mate supposed to send me in return and how will he or she arrive at his or her figures? Give it plenty thought. AGAIN, THIS IS WHY COMMUNICATION BEFOREHAND IS PARAMOUNT.

PARAMOUNT #4- I would also SUGGEST THAT EACH AND EVERY LAST SWAPPER COME TO THIS THREAD AND POST the following so that I and everyone else can see ... "Shipped "Joe" my items today (date) totally insured bearing USPS Insured Mail Tag # VB xxx xxx xxx US with Delivery or Signature Confirmation # XXXXXXXXXX". OK? JUST PLAIN COMMON SENSE THAT HELPS REMOVES ANY AND ALL POSSIBLE DOUBT AS TO WHEN YOU SHIPPED AND THAT YOU DID SO TO THE VERY BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.



It's like this, see ... the nonsense and Baloney of Yesterday, to the best of my knowledge, is HISTORY. If there are any Grievances or issues to be dealt with NOW is the TIME to deal with them. NO MORE BAD BLOOD AROUND HERE.

As I stated recently, this is OUR HOBBY and OUR CLUB and we WILL conduct ourselves accordingly. NO UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR WILL BE TOLERATED. There is NO REASON - NO EXCUSES for failed deliveries etc, if you FOLLOW THE COMMON SENSE RULES OF SWAPPING WHICH ARE, COMMUNICATION, COURTESY (How would I like it if I got this type of material?) FLEXIBILITY (DO NOT PLACE UNREAL DEMANDS ON YOUR PARTNER), COMING TO TERMS BEFOREHAND, SHIPPING EXPEDITIOUSLY WITH INSURANCE AND EITHER DELIVERY OR SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION AND THE POSTING OF a) "Communicated with ???, everything is Go" b) Shipped today (........) bearing the following information. c) Ironing out any and all differences BEFORE you bring it to me to mediate and lasltly,d) Posting/ letting all other club members know how the swap went.

I think this is about as SIMPLE as we can make it, would you all agree? There is little room for error this way. RIGHT?

Now, I will come back and post the members that are "registered" to participate in Club Swaps. If you have signed up and do NOT see your Name, get with me IMMEDIATELY and provide me with the requested info. Let's assume that you bump into a fellow participant and you know that you saw him sign up but did not see his or her Name posted by me later today, please bring this to his or her attention and have the person PM me IMMEDIATELY with the required information which is Name, address, Home phone -( A GOOD, verifiable method of contact), cell phone # , if applicable, eBay ID, email address (as much verifiable info needed should I have to contact the individual like NOW. Is this reasonable? Can anybody think of a better way?

As for having coins in escrow for Surety's sake I am still contemplating just how feasible this is. My mind set at present is as follows. If all grievances and differences have indeed been settled, as of this posting, then we ALL start on a level playing field and there never WERE any issues. Forget all the yesterdays. If you and someone else have bad blood and or unfinished business, ATTEND TO IT NOW or FOREVER hold your Peace.

Everyone that has registered with this Club (yet to be propely named) has a say. As of now ALL are on equal terms. This is NOT The BOOM DYNASTY nor am I some sort of Dictator. I am just ONE Guy trying to see to it that things run smoothly as possible and that everyone has FUN and is treated fairly, with no prior prejudice. As such, for the Good of The Club, unethical behavior will not be tolerated from this day forth. If WE want a Club of TRUSTED MEMBERS then this is as bared boned basic as it can possibly be for now.

Please read, review, discuss and pehaps even print this for your records as the aforementioned IS etched in stone.
I bid you all a Good Day and will check back in later today with the most up to date Roster of Registered Members.



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