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I'm not a stamp collector

Good afternoon all, I was at a local flea market combing for coins and came across a stamp collection at a price I thought was pretty low so I bought them. It appears the collection was from a legit collector ie some prices etc and books. A few of the stamps are russian from what I can find they are early examples like scott #17, scott#22 etc. The prices this collector had in the book are from $10.00 to just under $100 (collection appears to be from 1991). There are probably over 500 stamps lots of US and various other countries. My question is what do I do with them.... and no I am not going to catalogue them (too much effort as many of you know). Do I just bring them to a dealer and take my chances, send them to a trusted board member.... (anyone interested). I am looking to sell them or trade for coins.

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