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Giveaway Maria Theresia Thaler Restrike Silver Coin Ends July 1

A more simplified contest. The ME lottery has a Pick Three drawing at 1 PM ET on Saturday. The guess closest to that drawing number will win the coin. All guesses must be in this thread by noontime ET on July 1. The number range is from 000 to 999. In the event of a tie, earliest entry wins. One guess per forum member please.

This is obviously the Restrike version of this coin. About 39.5 mm across, a silver purity of 833 / 1000. Actual silver content of 0.7520 ounce per coin.

A truly impartial contest as I have no idea what the number will be and will enter a guess myself?

Maria Theresia Thaler History & Images

"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back"


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