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giveaway for yn's

Posted this in the us coin forum so if you entered there you are still in the running, thought I should post it here as it is coming down to the wire....ie Tomorrow at 1:45

Went to an auction last week and in one of the lots were two jefferson nickle books, 1938-61 and 62 to 81 (whitman). They are incomplete but both are at least half full. So I said to myself, self you have not done a giveaway in a while so lets allow a yn to add to or start a collection, to which self answered ok but how do we do this. Well simple, guess the total number of nickles in the books first right answer gets a choice of the nickle books OR 3 lincoln cent books, #1 1909-40 with 38 coins, #2 1941 to 74 complete and #3 59 to 83 complete. in the event of no winner closest to the actual number without going over wins in the event of a tie I will draw names, winner gets first choice and second gets the other. Good luck we will run this for one week from now ie 1:45 my time.

edited to add that anyone can enter as long as the coins go to a YN

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