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Photos to trade

I have the usual preprint photos collectors ocassionally get thru the mail. Some folks collect these, I don't. I'll take any reasonable offer for the below listed photos. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
Thanks, Moose

Frankie Laine - 3 B/W
Jeff Goldblum B/W
Tim Allen B/W
Smothers Bros. B/W
Halle Berry color
Samuel L. Jackson B/W
Denzel Washington B/W
Robert Englund 3 B/W
Kate Winslet 3 B/W
Cuba Gooding Jr. color
Clint Eastwood 2 color
Tobey McGurie B/W
George Bush Sr. 2 color
Vin Diesel B/W
George W. Bush color
Billy Crystal color
Elizabeth Taylor 2 B/W
Michael Jordan color
John McCain color
Jimmy Carter 3 color
Pierce Brosnan B/W
Family Guy 3 B/W
Christina Ricci B/W
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