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I have 13 items that are signed or intialed from different celebrities. I don't think they are worth a whole lot but maybe someone will be interested. I would think most would be considered cuts or franks from envolopes. I would like to trade for one autograph that I might need. If you have a trade list please email me at [email protected] and we can work out a trade. If you are interested in buying them I'm asking for $3 and that includes postage in the price.
Thanks, Moose

John McCain signed Business card
Frank Gorshin cut
Argentina Burnetti Frank
Jennifer Rubin Frank
Larry Strorch Frank
David Carradine Frank
August Shellenberg Frank and hand written note on index card
Diana Serra Cary Frank
John G. Kerr signed typed note
Robert Horton initialed typed note
Clint Howard printed signature
Elina Verdugo hand written initialed note
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