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Autographed baseball circa 1949-1953

I have an autographed official National League baseball issued by Warren Giles. I believe the ball came from the 1949 All Star Game at Ebbetts Field OR a Brooklyn Dodgers Oldtimer's Day games sometime before 1954 (it was given to me in 1982). Included are notable signatures like Roy Campanella, Hugh Duffy, Zack Wheat, Joe Medwick, Freddy Lindstrom, Cal Hubbard (umpire), Lefty O'Doul, Edd Roush, Travis Jackson, Babe Herman, Johnny Mize, George Kelly, Bobby Thompson, Ralph Branca, Van Mungo, Dolph Camilli, Mickey Owen, Dick Bartell...and five other autographs with which I can't yet determine the signers' names.

It seems some of these names (Campanella, Duffy, Wheat, Medwick, Lindstrom and Hubbard) are rare and drive significant demand on there autographs.

Given its age, the ball is "yellowish" and the signatures are faded (but still legible). Signatures do NOT appear to be stamped and the ball is not shellacked.

I'm about to submit for a Letter of Authenticity with PSA. Any idea what this ball might generate in value? Any suggestions for me to pursue for the best auction opportunity? I figure a baby boomer (especially with Brooklyn roots) ought to love this!

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