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WTT 3rd Reich Postal Covers for Coins, Tokens, Medals

Lets discuss trades. I am mostly a coin / tokens / medals collector and also collect better Victorian trade cards.

12 Postal Covers Like this One From The Womans German Party

http://i6.ebayimg.com/03/i/07/11/27/c0_1_sbl.JPG" alt="horseback1
German Soldiers on Horseback Real Photo Postcard (unused)

http://i9.ebayimg.com/05/i/07/05/5c/78_1_sbl.JPG" alt="hitlerolympic1
http://i22.ebayimg.com/03/i/07/13/81/33_1_sbl.JPG" alt="hitlerolympic2
1936 Olympic Postal Used, Real Photo Postcard (Fantastic Historical Card)

Please forgive my inability to figure out how to insert images into this thread properly?
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  • Hi, I tried to look at some of your listings on ebay but had no luck.
    Just check on the correctness of the spelling etc.

    Offer quality British Africa, Commonwealth, Africa philatelic material.
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