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When YOU are ready to SELL !

Dear Collector !

The typical scenario:- All your life you have nurtured your stamp collection.
Now you have lots of stamps some expensive gaps etc. etc. In addition you now have TIME to make changes.
Get your philatelic value's worth. Sell-off surplus material and target filling the gaps.
All this can be done with ease and really still enjoying your hobby.

In the likely event you must part with your stamps chances are that they will get trashed thereafter.
Practically plundered with unscrupulous greed, one way or another.

Read on and make the change today !
If YOU want to SELL philatelic material on the Internet I can help and even sponsor you to get started in your own STORE for two months.

What you need:-
1 A scanner.
2 Lots of quality sets or better material to list (target listing - 200 to 600 per month to 2000 or more!)
3. Drive, to turn your stamps into money or further finance your collection.
4. Be able to communicate and respond to your clients speedily.
5. Join www.oneway.co.nz remember to use PHILACTICA as referral for a special gift.

What you get:-
1. A FREE Store (normally $20/month) for three month - need to achieve the minimum (200 listings) target.
3. Meeting and maintaining a target listing of 300-600 (up to 2000 plus) and beyond will qualify you for a GOLD STORE ($50/month) sponsored FREE for 2 Month.
4. All round good starter to clear your surplus stamps on the Global web
5. Costs to you is the minimal commission on the sale of the lot item.
6. Backup and support from me and the home site.

Via clever fun COMPETITIONS through active LISTING - SELLING - BUYING you are awarded PROMOS.
These accumulated PROMOS are an INTERNAL PAYING incentive to pay for your STORE and several Highlighting features. So by listing items in demand for your customers accumulataed PROMOS pay your keep - simple as that.
Targets are not unreasonable, I have been there through the whole experience !

Attractive no fees features include - multiple listing, Auto-re-listing, internal transfers of funds of real cash or promos, great browsing image display and more.
Discover all for yourself !
When you are willing to proceed, I am available for the starting process and all you need to do is contact me via my email address to get started.

Bottom line is - only minimal commission is paid by you in real money.

Enjoy your hobby !
Offer quality British Africa, Commonwealth, Africa philatelic material.
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