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Fake signature photos to trade

I have several autopen, in photo signatures, etc.... photographs to trade for one decent real autograph. I'll write the list below. akcollector, I checked out your membership discription. I was station in Northpole Alaska for 3 years and have spent many weeks playing war games outside of Delta Junction. Nice town. What do you do there?

Christina Ricci B&W 8x10
Family Guy Cast B&W 8x10 (three photos)
Pierce Brosnan B&W 8x10
Jimmy Carter Color 8x10 (three photos)
John McCain Color 8x10
George Bush Sr. Color 8x10
Michale Jordan Color 8x10
Elizabeth Taylor B&W 8x10 (two photos)
Billy Crystal Color 8x10
George W. Bush Color 8x10
Vin Diesel B&W 8x10
Cuba Gooding Color 4x6
Kate Winslet B&W 4x6 (three photos)
Robert Englund B&W 4x5 (three photos)
Denzel Washington B&W 4x6
Samuel L. Washington B&W 4x6
Hally Berry Color 4x6
Smothers Brothers B&W 4x6
Tim Allen B&W 4x6
Jeff Goldblum B&W 4x6
Frank Laine B&W 4x6 (three photos)

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