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Completed Thanks - Item awarded to individual

In celebration of the Marine Corps Birthday and this Veterans Day I will give away a Proof Marine Corps $1.00.

Rules are simple.

Everyone can guess twice no more or all will be ignored (even if you get one of the guesses 100%).

I spent my career in the Military (Marine Corps) and retired. The closest to the actual years/months/days/hours/and minutes that I was in wins a 1975 $.05 PCGS PR67DCAM.

If someone hits the number of years/months/days on the nose they will be given the above coin and the Marine Corps Proof $1.00.

If someone by some emprical assistance can get all 5 (year,month,day,hour and minutes) correct I will give the above and a 1999 $5.00 Gold Coin.

Do you feel lucky.

contest ends Sunday EST 9:00 PM (winner will be announced shortly thereafter). PS unless I have several pages of guesses.

YN's have the benefit of 5 +/- days in their answer (so if your a YN (18 years old or younger) and your original guess is 1-5 days greater or less than actual you will be given all of the above). Note if your a YN in you post to receive this benefit.

Good Luck Jim
Jim Chandler


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