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Hi, I am new to this forum and collectible autographs. I have just obtained a 1981 Souvenir Program with several autographs in it from actors and professional athletes like Parker Stevenson, Calvin Murphy, Rudy Tomjanovich, Connie Stevens, Walter Payton, Ken Burrough, Dick Van Patten and more... some I can identify, some I cannot. I am thinking of auctioning it off on eBay (or selling it to someone here) but I have a few questions. First, how can I figure out who signed the ones I can't read? Second, is it worth more in tact or if I take it apart and auction it page by page? Any help you have would be greatly appreciated... Oh, and I can email pics if you'd like.



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    Find out what event was on the program and do web research on who attended the event to find the missing people.

    Post the pictures right here it gives the thousand of forum members a chance to tell you if what they think, on both the names and the better selling method.

    Welcome and we love pics on this forum.
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    Thanks for they reply... I will do a search for the event... BTW, it was the 1981 Jack Benny Memorial Tennis and Golf Classic in The Woodlands, a suburb of Houston, benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Association. Most of the signatures are on pages dedicated to that star or athlete... 3 are on 1 page and one is on the cover... I think the cover is signed by Greg Pruitt who played for the Browns in 1981... I will include pics when I get some batteries for my digital camera...

    Thanks again and I look forward to any help y'all could give me.
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    Here's the pics... I think I got them all. It appears to me that they were all signed by the same pen... It looks like it's probably a blue ball point pen... Anyway, let me know what you think...

    Thanks again for all your help..
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    DEFINITELY leave it intact. It has much more value as a single piece. The only signature I can tell you for sure that you didn't identify was in the first pic on the top left. That is George Peppard (actor). Don't know how much it's all worth. It won't make you independently wealthy, but it's a nice piece. Sorry I couldn't do more for you.
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    Thanks for the input and thanks for identifying one of the autographs for me. I still haven't decided if I'm going to auction this off on eBay or what I'm going to do with it... Any ideas? Any interest?
    Thanks again...
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