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Another HOCKEY thread -- Help a Former Hartford Whalers Fan -- Which NHL Team Should I Cheer For?

Cue "Brass Bonanza":


It's been 8 long years since the death of the Whalers, which resulted from the WORST TRADE IN NHL HISTORY in 1991, when Ron Francis, 4th in points all-time, and Ulf Samulson were traded for some bums named Cullen and Zalapski. Of course, Francis was the final piece of the 2-Time Stanley Cup winning Pittsburgh Penguins.

Yeah, we have an AHL team (Wolfpack) but I just can't get into it -- I have more fun watching my 10-year old's youth hockey games. The most logical choice would be the Bruins, but they were the Whalers biggest rivals, so I would feel like a Red Sox fan switching to the Yankees! image

How about a team outside the Northeast? Who would you consider a cool hockey team to cheer for?


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    Well.. if you are looking for some high speed action.. i would say a team like the Pittsburgh Pens (even though i dislike Lemieux), Columbus Blue Jackets, Nashville Preds.
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    As a former resident of both Connecticut and North Carolina, and as a Whalers fan, I have found some satisfaction cheering for the Carolina Hurricanes. It was interesting to follow some of the Whalers players who went on to play for the Canes, like Glen Wesley, Ron Francis, etc. I have a special affinity for Whalers cards, as well as Canes cards and I still walk around in West Virginia wearing my Whalers T shirt. Most people here have no clue about the Whalers logo, and I suppose that is not surprising, since I had a grocery store cashier look at the USMC eagle/globe/anchor tattoo on my left forearm and actually ask me ". . . were you in a gang or something?" Yes, indeed, a nasty gang if there ever was one, and all armed to the teeth.

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