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wjd283 here you go

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi(his wife) autographed this DVD in August at a Borders signing.

The movie is bad avoid it at all cost.

There is another celeb signing this Saturday I'll see if I can make it but I'll be quiet on the person this way it won't get crowded.


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    As good an actor as Swayze's supposed to be,he has had smoe duds.

    Did you see the one where he was dressing up like a woman ? He makes one ugly arse woman. image

    It's still pretty image to have he and his wifes signature though.
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    No, I never saw the cross-dressing one but I've seen Road House and that day he was signing copies of Road House if you had one.

    Didn't have my camera that day because I wasn't expecting to see them at my local bookstore.
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