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I had a VERY productive weekend!

Well It's been a long few days, but my coffers have now been adequately filled. I hit 2 Saints Workouts for UConn sigs and got lucky, then LSU's Fan Day...It takes a lot of patience to stand in lines with 6000 other people! The final Tally:

1 Deuce McAllister Ole Miss Mini
1 UConn Mini signed by Al Fincher and Keron Henry
1 Football signed by Deuce, Horn, Hakim, McPherson, and 2 others I can't translate

Finally, the prize of the weekend which i've attached a jpeg. 1 LSU helmet signed by all the QB's (perrilloux, russell, flynn, and Welker) and likely 1st team AA Andrew Whitworth.

...I'm beat!
Duner a.k.a. THE LSUConnMan
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  • DirtyHarryDirtyHarry Posts: 1,914 ✭✭
    Congrats! Good deal.
    "A man's got to know his limitations...." Dirty Harry

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  • Hi Duner,
    Excellent work! I have not added anyhthing since the de Havilland SP. I am howeve selling off some stuff that I just don't want anymore. Fringe stuff and dupes etc.

    I agree re witing on lines. One timeI was waiting on a huge line for Jonathan Frid if Dark Shadows to get his signature for a friend - and Frid suddenly and unexpectedly halted the line and too me aside for a personal conversation and advice, which was odd, then just returned to his chair. I had a bad day at the rest of the convcention - people were hating me for holding up the line but I did nothing image
    Besides, I spent the rest of that afternoon discussing Sci-Fi with Isaac Asimov image

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